Company Overview

Trade Name soma corp.
Location 2-1-19-10C Tanimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 540-0012
Founded May 2010
Board Member Takahiro SHOJI (Mr.), Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director
Capital Japanese Yen 8,000,000
Business Description Software development and distribution for Data Processing and Mining
Engineering, Development, Operation and Management of Computing Systems
Planning, Designing, Operation and Management of Websites

Information Security Policy

soma corp (hereinafter referred to as “Company”), to properly and smoothly operate its business, considers securing information security is one of our key challenges. We hereby establish and initiate Information Security Policy as follows as it protects its information asset:
  1. Information Asset Protection
    Company takes methodically and technically appropriate measures to secure confidentiality, integrity and availability of information asset.
  2. Compliance of laws and regulations
    Company complies laws and regulations in relation to information security.
  3. Training
    Company provides necessary training to have management and employees sufficiently recognize importance of information asset.
  4. Continual improvement
    Company endeavors continual improvement for information security by executing periodical evaluation and revisiting of this “Information Security Policy”, related regulations and management formation.
Takahiro SHOJI
Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director
soma corp.
19 May 2010

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is established to define principals for Company to properly manage and operate private information that Company possesses:
  1. Compliance of Laws and Codes
    Company always keep updated and comply privacy laws, policies and/or codes which government stipulates.
  2. Proper Management of Information
    Company assigns privacy information manager and takes measure to properly prevent and improve against improper using, loss, destruction, fabrication and leak of privacy information. Furthermore, Company conducts training for every workers about privacy information handling for appropriate management. In addition, Company handles enterprise information same as well for proper management.
  3. Purpose of possession and scope
    Company possesses privacy information limited in a necessary scope by showing purpose when receiving it.
  4. Utilization within the scope of possession
    Company will not use, deliver nor consign handling beyond the scope of possession which is acknowledged by individuals and/or parents nor the scope legally required.。
  5. Limitation of use and management
    handling, agreed or legally required. Company supervises for proper management when delivering privacy information to and from outside the Company, in accordance with agreed scope of use.
  6. Establishment and continual improvement of privacy information protection management system
    Company prepares internal rules and organization for proper handling, establishes and executes management system for privacy information protection, and continually improves these activities.
Takahiro SHOJI
Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director
soma corp.
19 May 2010

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